How to clean your windows (and what not to do!)

Have you tried to look out your windows recently and realized you couldn’t see through them?

That once sunny view has disappeared in a cloud of stains and smearing? Has summer vacation meant an increase in those grubby hand prints? Has the dog developed an interest in the cat opposite the street and slobbered everywhere?

Everyday dirt build-up and changes of season as well as the weather elements all contribute to dirtier windows which overtime becomes more and more noticeable. Follow these three steps to ensure a professional looking window clean and banish all of those marks away! Say hello to sparkling and stain free windows.

1) Preparation

Make sure your prep the area your working in. For example, if your windows have screens, remove these all first to make cleaning all the windows hassle free. You can clean the screens first (lightly brushing them or hosing them done to that ensure no damage is done) and while these are drying, clean your windows so the screens have enough time to dry before putting them back on. Wipe off any loose dirt from frames, sills and glass before starting the actual clean.



2) Using the right product!

There are many cleaners and concoctions out on the market. Here at Weird Window Cleaning we swear by our secret formula: dish soap and water! Yes, you’ve read that right. If your windows aren’t covered in hard, stained on debris, then there’s no need to add anything corrosive or strong. We swear by this method and it has proven to leave your windows looking great for longer. Plus, we’re doing our environmental due-diligence by keeping green and eco-friendly! (Extra tip: Do not use glass cleaner. Not only is this expensive as you would probably work your way through several bottles to clean your home, but it just ends up smearing the already stained windows.)



3) Technique is key

Part of great window cleaning is not just the product but the technique, that our Window Techs swear by.  Using a squeegee like this one is probably your best bet. Use a sideways motion while working down the glass rather than up and down to ensure that all the residue is wiped away successfully. Use a rag like this to touch up on the corners or for smaller panes you can’t use your squeegee on.

There you have it. Three tips to cleaner and clearer windows. If you have any more questions or tips of your own, please let us know in the comment section. As always, please practice safety when cleaning those higher to reach windows! Contact us if you have any more questions. Weird Window Cleaning: Keeping it local since 2012!

2 thoughts on “How to clean your windows (and what not to do!)

  1. Mark Murphy

    I found it very interesting that if your car isn’t covered in a lot of grime and dirt, then it is not worth it to use a cleaner with a lot of strong chemicals. My wife and I recently moved into a new house with a big window overlooking our yard. That window gets cleaned very frequently, so I will be sure to tell my wife that we don’t need to use any strong chemicals on it!

  2. Minnie Noe

    These were helpful window cleaning tips. The problem that I seem to be having is cleaning the outside of my windows isn’t that simple. I have a microfiber cloth, but I have a hard time getting great results. I might just look for a professional to do the whole job right!

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