Day in the life of a Window Cleaning Technician

Ever wondered about what Window Cleaning Technicians do in a day?

A day in a life of a professional window cleaner is hard to describe in one post; each day is different. There are so many variables that can make one day extremely different from the next. We’ve tried our best to summarize a typical day!

Our typical day actually starts at the beginning of every week where we de-brief and get ready for the week. We map out our destinations and different properties that we will be serving within the week. We could be in North Austin one day and in Johnson City the next! It gives us the opportunity to explore Austin and the surrounding areas and we end up stumbling on the most obscure but beautiful places imaginable! There are some amazing and unique properties and areas in Austin that you would never see otherwise!

Once we arrive at the scheduled property, we like to make sure we check out our work area before starting on a clean, making sure that we work logically depending on the scope of the job. For example, we always assess the safety of the job at hand. We are fully insured and trained to tackle majority of projects and scopes which, as mentioned in The Benefits of having your Windows professionally cleaned is a great reason to hire us to meet your cleaning needs! It is so much safer for everyone!

We always like to follow-up with our customers once we are done! We complete a walk-through and make sure that we have 100% satisfaction from our customers! This is the most important part for us as it also gives us the opportunity for our work to be admired! It’s a great feeling!

Also, the flexibility of our work schedule as well as meeting a range of different people makes each day exciting for us! If you have any more questions about our typical day or would like to see us at your home, contact us now for a free estimate! Weird Window Cleaning: Keeping it Local since 2012.